Letter of Recommendation for Ioanas Adult Care Home

Letter of Recommendation for Ioanas Adult Care Home

July 19, 2011


My experience with Ioanas Adult Care Home began in May of 2008.My mom had had a number of strokes and was unable to be left alone.After trying to care for her for a few months by myself, it came to a point where I could no longer do so.

I visited the home of Lidia and Simon, I toured the residentís area, I spoke with residents whom had been there for awhile.They were happy and well cared for and recommended it as a good place to bring my mom.†† Lidia and Simon and their girls, treated mom as an extension on their family, they cared for her as if she was a relative.†† They engaged her in conversation; they validated her even during episodes of dementia.She always was very well cared for, physically, emotionally and spiritually.†††

Besides the normal home sickness, mom has always been quite happy there.Lidia and Simon have always made it a point to keep me a breast of all concerns and changes in momís behavior.††† Now that is nearing the end of her life, it is as hard for them as it is me.†† It is as if they are losing a part of their immediate family.

I would recommend Ioanas Adult Care Home to any future resident, and would assure the family making the decision that their loved one would receive the best possible care.†† I have never had a second thought about my decision to place my mom there.†† In fact, I know it was the best thing that I could have done for her.It allowed me to keep my relationship with my mom, as her loving daughter and not take the part of the parent.

For prospective residents and family,I know how hard the decisions to place a loved one in care is,and guilt will be a deterrent, but your loved one,would want you to have a fulfilled life as well, they would want you to care for your own children and grandchildren. Be assured, that the care your loved one would receive at Ioanas Adult Care Home, will be the best.




Barbara K. C.

Portland, OR